who dominic is at six months.

My youngest child is SIX MONTHS OLD. He is half a year old. In six months it'll be Christmas (!). How is it that when I was pregnant with Dom it felt like ages and ages until those first 13 weeks or so pass and I could start telling people that I was even pregnant and yet, here he is. Sitting on his own. Eating solid foods. Rocking two teeth. Half a year old. All in a blink. And many other cliches and I'm sorry but they are true.
He eats... Mostly breast milk now. I try multiple times a day to get him to eat some kind of puréed option to which he normally says no after a few spoonfuls. I normally give him the tiniest piece of whatever we are eating as well but it makes me very nervous. When we gave him a wee bit of French toast his eyes went round as saucers and he got the hugest grin. Boy's first taste of sugar I guess. So far the biggest hits as far as quantity consumed were turkey and Steph's mashed potatoes. But again the amount is so miniscule... he's tasting anything and everything.
He sleeps... In his swing and swaddled from 8 pm on the dot until 4-6 am. If he wakes at the four o'clock hour I'll let him fall back asleep in bed with me on occasion where he will stay for a few hours (I know! The horror of a shared bed!!). So I know it's possible for him to be flat and not moving and sleep. His naps are short and wherever he can get them. The van. The stroller. The swing. The life of a third child...Clearly he is suffering immensely.

Likes... His jumper. This still happens. He jumps so hard he moves it across the floor. The jumper has earned its stripes I'll tell you, fecal incidents, multiple naps and spit ups. Blisters formed and popped and blood and then callused over. He likes sitting up and chewing on Cooper, his orange monkey. This remote control toy of David's (most toys will be his brother's won't they?). Smiling. Laughing. His sister. Straddling Nonna's leg while she hums the Lone Ranger theme and bounces him up and down. 

Dislikes... Loud noises. When that toy is juuuuuust out of reach and his belly won't allow him to bend enough to stretch his little fingers to grab it. Sitting in poop. 

His siblings... Sitting up is quite dangerous for our poor hero. They just come running on by with not a care in the world for his upright capability.Danger is his new middle name.

He has been more open to being held by just about anybody, which has been a welcome relief and a brief respite for my arms. When I saw his first tooth poking out I shed a tear or two because that's it! I won't have a newborn ever again. That stage is forever gone for him. Will I mourn the end of every stage do you think?

Yes. I'm pretty sure I will. 

Happy six months big guy!