strawberry season is upon us!

We are berry pickers. Yes we are! We are fruit pickers in general my friends. I even follow a bunch of local farms on facebook so I can be sure to be there opening week. And I drag along the kids. And on this particular day of strawberry picking my sister and Matt as well, all while my mother watched the babies.

This was David's first time out in the strawberry fields. He has gone before mind you, but always as a spectator, never a participant. And it went as to be expected. Roughness in picking. Lack of consideration regarding size and color. General distaste for the fruit, as he does not ingest such disgusting things as fruits. Letty as in years past loved it and was an actual help in the fields. Any strawberry farmer need a little worker bee she is available. She will be paid in strawberries thank you! 

We didn't go as crazy as with other berries coming up later this summer, just three quarts... half of which were in Letty's belly by the end of the weekend.

One of the best parts of summer.... all the fruit! Bring it on!

Past year's forays into picking strawberries here and here!



  1. I cant wait to take Tori and Izzy (my niece).
    Seriously Laur.. Letty is so so so so pretty and big. I can hardly take it. I want her. I wont steal her, but really, I want to keep her.

  2. I have yet to get strawberries this season! Need to get on that pronto. Cute pictures!

  3. for the first few photos i thought beth was you. that is all :) also the berries look amazing! xo

  4. I've yet to get us to the strawberry pick place. Hopefully this weekend. It's been going for months now, here in FL. We just never get our butts in gear. mmm strawberries.

  5. Oh how I wish we had some strawberry picking up here! Wild blueberries are about as farmer-ish as we get, but I love to go pick them.

  6. Oh!!!! Now I want strawberries.. only a few months to go :P
    Love that photo of the four of you..
    also, how grown up does Letty look!?

  7. David is priceless in every single one of these pictures! That family photo wins all. Two thumbs up to fresh fruit. :-)


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