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off to aunt and uncle's house we go!


We have just returned from the first Olsen family vacation since 2009! You know, before children were around and causing a stir and when the beach meant relaxing in a reclined chair all the live long day. Matt's Aunt and Uncle have a house in Ocean City, MD and as always have been kind enough to open their doors to us. As Matt's youngest brother flew in from Oregon with his girlfriend we all drove down from PA. 

Letty refers to these two as "the beach house" and she has been over the moon excited to see the new and improved "big beach house". She was not disappointed. The bunk beds were the highlight of her trip. I only wish I was joking. Top. Bunk. 

We arrived early enough to enjoy the pool their new home graces them with and a house tour. After getting settled and a nice family dinner of lasagna we got the babies down for the night and enjoyed one of our favorite activities: deck nights. Such a great way to kick off what ended up being a weekend of sun, sand, chlorine, lots of drinks, good eats, late nights and early wake up calls.



  1. great photos momma! looks like absolute perfection and i wish i was there right. now. :)


  2. ahhhh that looks so wonderful!!! what a relaxing and fun time!

  3. You had me at the orange creamsicle pop looking thing Letty is chowing down on!

  4. Seems so long ago..sigh. Looking forward to more posts bc you know I won't get to blogging about it for months probably ;) lol

  5. That view!!!! Not too shabby!

  6. Those pictures are what movies are made out of!

  7. Amazing photos! That view is stunning. :-)


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