kilgore falls

I recently saw an article on Facebook about the top five waterfalls in Maryland or some such thing. I found that idea intriguing and was really happy to discover that the second largest of those waterfalls was just across the PA/MD border, Kilgore Falls, just an hour or so away from here. I was also pleased as punch to read that the hike was family friendly and not very long, with parking available very close by. What a good way to start our family off on the hiking foot!

My idea of outdoor activities include my deck and wine and possibly a pool... but I didn't always used to be that way. I used to hike and camp and play in the woods, I even had a fort. For the six years we lived in Maine my life was outside. It's just nowadays I prefer cleanliness (next to godliness) and safety to climbing things and bugs. I had a bit of an eye-opening experience though this past weekend when we took the kids to the falls. My children are nancies. No offense to anyone named Nancy. They are wimps! Letty squealed and whined every time she saw a trace of mud on the path. David stepped in some and proceeded to walk on his heels all bowlegged while whining about the yucky. They were tripping over everything. They need some more exposure. Do. They. Ever.

Once the mud was washed off their crocs and they realized I would not yell at them for rock climbing and muddy water playing they were thrilled. We could have spent the entire day there. Next time I'll bring lunch to the falls to eat instead of in the car and I'll pack their bathing suits. They could have gone behind the waterfall if they were willing to get soaked to the bone. We didn't venture up to the top even though there was a trail because well, we like our children alive thank you very much.

It was a good day. It twas.

Until Letty threw a rock at David's face and I thought Matt might pull the whole we are turning the car around right this second routine. But we all prevailed! And I'm sort of thinking this outdoorsy sorts of activities should happen more than once in their life. Maybe with some regularity?