his first big boy bike

Just as with his sister, my parents gifted David with his first bicycle as an early third birthday present. Hot Wheels, with a monster truck on the front and all! He "helped" his daddy put it together and revved the engine on the handle bars, all very impatiently insisting it only needed one wheel. Okay no just the two wheels. OKAY FINE! FOUR! The helmet we had unfortunately didn't fit his enormous noggin so we will have to find him another asap (you try telling a boy with a new bike he can't ride said bike without a helmet on it's inaugural ride). 

Just like with his sister he spent too much of his attention staring at his feet and neglecting his handle bars. And braking instead of peddling. That sort of thing. And don't let that bottom lip fool you, he was so psyched that he squealed and jumped and clapped when he saw it. That lip is just his resting face. 

Thank you Nonna and Poppop for this little boy's first bike!!! Now we practice, practice, practice to make it perfect, perfect, perfect.



  1. Omg that face! He's so big. So cute. A bike already. Sorry I'm tired so I'm more emo than usual haha


  2. awwww suddenly he looks so so big!!!! happy three year bicycling, david!!! he's gonna be a pro before ya know it!!

  3. Sydney often has that bottom lip out resting face...in addition to the "I hate everyone" bottom lip out face. Ha! He looks so cute and big. Sniff.

  4. So cute he is on that bike! But so grown up too. Happy and sad. haha


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