hayloft candles. a failure.

There are times in life, when try as you might, something just does not go as one envisions. For me, last week, this was Hayloft Candles. I won't name names as to the people's who recommended it (wink wink), but I had heard of a place where there was homemade ice cream, candles galore, and most importantly, a free petting zoo. I like things with the word free in the title. I convinced my sister and her family as well as Matt to make the long journey (35 minutes) to Leola to what I was sure would be a memory making event.

And I could have promptly turned around having never left the van. It was a hot and nasty day. The poor animals were filthy and wilting. And yes fine I am a snob and it was gross. There was a peacock, which was very pretty... a kangaroo that was just laying down trying to find some shade. A filthy Scottish Highlander not named Jamie... a parrot that said hi! a lot right next to a sign that said watch out! animals bite! The candle store was a literal assault on the senses, and not just smell. The ice cream looked fine but I mean, I was not in the mood at that point. However! There was a very nice looking pond with very nice looking swans and lots of fish food laying around on the pergola over looking the water and the kids just had the best time throwing fish food into the lake. So I suppose that made it all worthwhile?

I should really learn by now... things that are free are usually free for a reason...