farm days are here to stay

What is more fun than cows, mud, hay and those corn kernel tables? Cows, mud, hay, those corn kernel tables and our old neighbors. Last week was the Oregon Dairy Family Farm Days. And it has become one of our many summer traditions. The fear of going out with three kids sans a husband has slowly dissipated... I mean, having a Steph there pretty much makes it a walk in the park like in days of olde when I only have the one strapped to me. These kids man. They just get better and better with age. Sticking to the buddy system. Hanging out together. Taking turns. Just standing around drinking chocolate milk and eating mini ice cream cones. No flight risk! No strollers! Dom is going to have lots of big "siblings" to keep him in check that's for sure. 

The only down side to the day was the poor morning weather that postponed our visit for a few hours and led to a strange, humid, gray day and my sister being unable to join us. That and David dropped his mini ice cream cone in the grass and thought he could eat it afterwards. Steph swooped in to the rescue and saved him from that mistake. My reaction time is leaning towards the sloth scale when I have Dom in the wrap. 

We had to cut the day short because I had a very important pedicure date with my mom. So overall a very nice day...

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