dom meets the ocean and more

Oh my feelings about young children and the beach are quite firmly placed in the category of I HATE IT. But this year! Oh how pleasantly my brood surprised me! They stayed by us. They didn't eat sand. Nobody pooped in their diaper. Dom didn't like the ocean but didn't mind sitting under the umbrellas. He even took a nap laying on my chest!!! Maybe we can be beach bums once more! Oh that's a happy thought!

Uncle Dan and Heidi arrived!!! Or as Letty calls her, her sweetheart. The arrival of these two greatly eased our job as parents. Daniel take the wheel. 

It was hot in OCMD this past weekend! So so hot. We took the group back to the pool to attempt to wear the children out AGAIN before having a repeat evening of the night before. Pizza and drinks on the deck. And the kids got to celebrate their birthdays early since Aunt Sue and Uncle Glenn won't be able to make their birthday parties. These gifts were such a hit! Monster trucks! Coloring! On a backpack no less! It's allowed!!



  1. what lovely pics. i love seeing babies at the beach. and the one where matt is holding dom and he and david are looking at the water - hey twins! so cute.

    happy friday! xo

  2. yayay i'm so glad you had beach babe success this year!!! that's awesome! i could live on the beach. not in the water, no no. but beachside. i hate sea creatures. but ahhh that sea air! it looks like your little loves had a blast! and everyone in their patriotic gear!!

  3. Great pictures! I don't believe I have the ones of Steve holding Sydney and Sydney with sippy. Must have gotten lost in cyber space! And I agree, the beach was a success! Such good kids we have :)

  4. The pictures of Dom in the sand are basically what I look like when my feet touch the sand!! LOL

  5. Looks like an amazing trip. And oh my goodness, those photos of Dom near the shorefaces. Its an ovary quaker for sure lol

  6. This looks like the most amazing weekend!


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