On the Chalkboard: Just a few short weeks away from a good old all American chalkboard! I don't want to rush these fleeting summer days... the fact that it is past the middle of June is too much.

Reading: Still!!!! STILL. This book in the series is giving me a run for my money. I feel like I've been staring at that bright green cover for months on end. And probably have been.

Watching with Matt: I just love this couple. I love her style mostly but I think they are just such fun to watch and I like the way they tease each other and just seem to have fun. I'm sure a job like that would quite literally have my pulling my hair out and screaming all sorts of untowards things at Matt so... Respect.

Eating: Not much of anything! Okay clearly I am eating. But I've cut out all snacking and sweets and second helpings. See all those S's? Except of course on days that start with S. Roll with me here. It's something I read about on the great wide internet and it sounded realistic and like something I could handle without hating my life every time I sat down to a meal. So far I'm down seven pounds so... I'll take what I can get.

Drinking: I want all the grapefruit juice in all the world. I would prefer pink but again, I take what I can get. I could drink an entire gallon of it each morning.

Planning: The big kid's birthday parties!! I just barely got their invites in the (e)mail and I feel like it will sneak up on me. Not that I'll let it, of course. Main things on my to do list here is to order their cakes, their balloons, and to finish their birthday dvds... Which that last one is always quite time consuming. Plenty of time to do it though! Plenty of time......

Thinking about: Packing that there suitcase. We are headed to Matt's uncle's beach house very soon and I have a family of five to pack for.... The van won't know what hit it I'm sure. The list is a mile long. Item one: baby swing. Lord help us.

Watching on treadmill: So many shows have wrapped up for the year and here I am finishing up the final season of Revenge!!! Of course I've seen some spoilers and I can tell you I don't hate it!

As I type this: Someone is hanging out in his highchair not pretending to eat. As per usual.



  1. i enjoy that your currently posts include photos. i should probably get on that train. good for you for the 7 lbs btw! amazing. for me it's just being aware of what i put in my mouth. tmi for an early morning? such is life :) xo

  2. Reading this has reminded me I have lots to do as well! planning...oh my!

  3. Grapefruit juice is all good for you right? So that sounds legit. Sounds terrible to me though. Nicely done on cutting out the S's. Looks/sounds like it is working.

  4. ahh i love fixer upper!! they seem like the sweetest, cutest people! and uhhhmmm yeah tell me about it... i've been re-reading book five for like a year. ahhhhhhh!!!!!!! it's like purgatory haha!!

  5. I feel like I am always stuck jn one of those books too. I think it is a thing. Haha. Way to go on cutting and the S's that great progress!

  6. Packing!!! I haven't even started unpacking from our trip...I just ignore the suitcases! haha.


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