back in the racing game. again.

I sure do love to run. And I love races. Our town held their third annual Rock n' Glow 5k this past weekend and our family naturally participated. We all ran this it's inaugural year, but as last year were all incubating babes we missed it. I personally don't mind a good run pregnant, but it does end up being quite humid and hot and well, uncomfortable.

My father was our benefactor (thanks dad!) but unfortunately sat this race out due to a back pain, so Beth went in his stead. They may have left me behind but I ended up a minute and 9 seconds faster than my last 5k so I'll allow it.

The race itself is pretty amazing. Bands and spectators line the streets. Glow sticks surround you. Some people along the race route spray you down with water hoses. It's at night of course. All very fun. And I got a coupon for a free Rita's in my race pack. Which I'm most psyched about. That and the fact that Dom slept for Matt.

Now. I only  have to shave about three minutes off if I want to beat my PR. That's personal record for any non-running folk.



  1. ah congrats on the race! back in the saddle. or the running shoes that is. i really need to run again. i say that then i fall off. about a million times. le sigh. someday :)

  2. oh how fun and glowy!!! and great job on the self improvement there!! that's awesome!!

  3. hahaahh favorite line "incubating babes" so funny! and that race sounds amazing, anything involving glow sticks is real fun in my book. congrats on getting a better time than your last 5k! that's an awesome accomplishment! gahh makes me want to actually join races here in AZ (I always want to do races but then never actually do them, oops)
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  4. Look at you...gettin after it! I am not a runner...unless being chased. But Chris is, the man just runs all the damn time. I am like HOW?? He is running another full marathon this month, and I will just be at the finish line like woooo hoooo!!! Lol :)

  5. Every day you amaze me with your running. Your crazy - but awesome!

  6. Congrats on the race! You did awesome. I really need to get back in the running game.


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