Dominic, aged 25 weeks: We are nearing that six month marker! Oh so very close! This past week Master Dominic has grown his very own two front teeth. It's all very exciting and at the same time very final for me. No longer a newborn Laur, because newborns don't have teeth. He is also crazy for this remote control. He will go to great lengths to get it and put it in his mouth.

David, aged 2 years: What a busy week it was for him! He got his first hair cut in six months! His sister threw a rock at his face that left a tiny little mark on his cheek, as you can see it is too close to his eye for my liking. I recently invested in reusable swim diapers for him and Dominic and they look quite European running around with speedo looking things on. I shall call him Marcello whilst swimming in them. And finally, he has found Henry's load!!! Henry lost his load practically on Christmas Day and it was all quite disturbing for David. We assumed the load had ended up in the trash along with all the wrapping paper but! Henry's load was discovered under our bed! The world has righted itself!

Letteria, aged 4 years: My mother shared this garden butterfly book with her yesterday and she's been carting it around like a legitimate field guide, ready and waiting to identify any butterfly that should cross her path. This doesn't bode well for the butterflies when you consider the insect house and magnifying glass along with tweezers her Nonna also recently got her...

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