Dominic, aged 24 weeks: Slight breakthrough in the food department. He was eying up my Chinese the other night... So I have him a grain of rice at a time and some broccoli. Maybe he doesn't want pureed food? Skip right to solids? Also! And perhaps in even larger news - he has two teeth! To which I shed a two tears because: not a newborn no more....

David, aged 2 years: A few weeks ago we pulled into the garage and it smelled nasty because it was trash day (disgusting, I am aware). David went: sniff sniff sniff, I smell something, ducks! And now he does it all the time. About all sorts of things. Daddy. Thomas. But mostly ducks. Oh the inner workings of an almost three year old boy.

Letteria, aged 4 years: Matt tells me some of the things she says and I go oh come ON! One of the more recent ones being introducing her newest Disney princess to her others at night, explaining it was her first night in the bed and they should all be nice to her. Followed by Ariel having to stay in the pool all night long because she protects it from storms. I suppose underneath it all she may just be quite the sweet little girl.

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  1. that first photo - heart melts. ok all of them bc yes. so cute


  2. little dom!! growing up too fast!! all of them, really, but i mean with the food, of course :) maddalena didn't do too much puree, now that i think about it! of course... she was like 7 or 8 months old when we reallllyy started solids haha. and she neverrr liked the baby oatmeal or rice cereal. maybe dom will be good with the baby led weaning style of approach!!

  3. Teeth just in time for solid foods! It is so funny to hear the silly stuff that cones out of kids mouth! And you're left to figure out where they got it from!

  4. Look at them!!! Seriously the cutest kids! And Dom sitting pretty up there...I can't.

  5. So amazing these little ones of yours are. Teeth? I can't believe that! I don't know about Ariel but the last place I want to be in a storm is in the pool. Maybe it is different because she is a mermaid? ;-)


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