a sandy father's day and a proposal

Father's Day for Matt this year was pretty much the biggest failure on my end. I neglected to get him (and even my own father!) a card. I forgot Matt's gift at home. And he had to change his fair share of dirty diapers. I did skip my morning run so he wouldn't be alone with three kids (that's my story and I'm sticking to it), and Dom said "da" for the first time so... does that count?

Anyways back to the beach it was! Which is no small feat!!! Carts and chairs and umbrellas and towels and toys and oh my!!! The only way to survive this is with beverages and then a dip in the pool. Again. We are predictable are we not?

All the dads and non dad love to pick crabs. Like for hours. Like get crab shell in their hair like it. So what better way to celebrate them than letting them pick those crabs? With beer and corn on the cob and mac and cheese (and chicken for those who don't like to work for their food - me). 

And then the moment we have been waiting for since we learned of his plan a few weeks ago!!! The Proposal!!! Dan had Letty hand Heidi a stack of photographs of their friends and family (and pets) holding silly signs saying "say yes" or anything along those lines. Then he said some nice things I can't remember like partner and love and best friend while I was playing paparazzi and Steve photobombed practically every shot. She did say yes. Thank God Reg (the dog) now has an honest man for a father! Shortly afterwards Heidi's brother and sister-in-law and baby showed up to join the celebrations. These photos do make it seem like the baby is their's but no, baby Silas would be their nephew. 

So yay!! A proposal! A wedding! Woohoo! Congrats to the happy couple! We all love you and wish you nothing but the best!!



Dominic, aged 6 months: You can't see them in this photo but there are two very sharp little teeth hanging out front and center, lower level. These posts are Matt's least favorite ones of mine, but he acknowledges that I mostly do it for me anyways. When you are a baby a week brings so many changes! And we can't miss those changes, now can we?

David, aged 2 years: A woman said to me the other day that she would buy whatever it is David is selling. She pointed out what I already knew, that one, he is incredibly expressive facially and b, that he is hard to discipline because of his cuteness. Yes lady, I am aware.

Letteria, aged 4 years: Miss Independent headed off to Vacation Bible School last night, and as much as I enjoyed it as a child I still feared for her. I don't like the unknown and I hate it even more where she is concerned. But I did my best to get her excited for what lied ahead and kept my fears to myself. I tried anyways.

Past weekly shots here.


dom meets the ocean and more

Oh my feelings about young children and the beach are quite firmly placed in the category of I HATE IT. But this year! Oh how pleasantly my brood surprised me! They stayed by us. They didn't eat sand. Nobody pooped in their diaper. Dom didn't like the ocean but didn't mind sitting under the umbrellas. He even took a nap laying on my chest!!! Maybe we can be beach bums once more! Oh that's a happy thought!

Uncle Dan and Heidi arrived!!! Or as Letty calls her, her sweetheart. The arrival of these two greatly eased our job as parents. Daniel take the wheel. 

It was hot in OCMD this past weekend! So so hot. We took the group back to the pool to attempt to wear the children out AGAIN before having a repeat evening of the night before. Pizza and drinks on the deck. And the kids got to celebrate their birthdays early since Aunt Sue and Uncle Glenn won't be able to make their birthday parties. These gifts were such a hit! Monster trucks! Coloring! On a backpack no less! It's allowed!!