what we did on mother's day

Our Mother's Day weekend quite possibly couldn't have been much busier had I tried. And don't put that past me, I've been known to do dumber things than overbook a weekend. Between yard sales, (and more yard sales and more!) a baby shower, shopping for summer clothes for the girl who never stops growing, dinners out and then all the Mother's Day activities we were all a bit ready to put our tired dogs up for the night on Sunday. 

Mother's Day for me started with a breakfast in bed, yogurt and craisins and granola oh my! a gift card to the local nail shop for pedicures (thanks hun) followed by my run. We were quickly on our way to DW in order to make it there for opening, naturally. I was gifted a lovely carnation and a free fountain soda which is my favorite. We met our Fitzs there of course and went on new and exciting rides! Letty's new firsts were the ever popular Space Shuttle (which I remember running to when I was a child, this is all very full circle stuff here) and the bumper cars. David got on the spinning turtles and the hoppin frogs, and loved loved loved them all. Most ardently. 

And then we left. For family time at Miller's Smorgasbord. Where we got our eat on till we could eat no more. Afterwards those that felt so inclined headed back to my parents which is where things got a wee bit nuts. Ahem.

It all started off innocently enough, with a simple sprinkler and change of clothes.... and turned into a very nude David running about and giving zero cares about that state of affairs. And my my my how we laughed. Other stuff happened too besides David's exhibitionist behavior...like taking photos of my adorable niece and her mama and gift openings and so forth. Have I ever mentioned how much I love my family?

We also got ice cream. Because we didn't eat enough already.

I did let out a large sigh of relief come Sunday night when it was just Matt and I and my wine and the tv and not a thing to do. We have survived to tell the tale of the weekend. And it's pretty great when the tale involves these three.

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