preschool. a year completed.

This year with her in school has quite literally gone by in a blink. Her first day was just yesterday. Her Thanksgiving program was last night, and her Christmas show was this morning. But somehow last Friday was her final day of her first year of school. I remember crying to the brink of hysteria (I rarely exaggerate) pulling away those first few days... Maybe weeks. I remember my mother texting me and telling me it would get easier with time. I remember not really believing her because my heart hurt so much I couldn't imagine watching Letty walk away from me and be okay with that. But as mothers are, they are right. And over time dropping her off seemed normal. Watching her grow and learn, all out from under my care, it all became normal. I didn't miss a drop off until Dom was born and then Matt started taking that chore over. But it's not a chore. So now. The last time. I'll be happy to have her back, to have our mornings free once more, but I'll mourn the loss of that year, and the silence that settled over the house with her away. 

As you know our plan changed with her during this school year. We initially thought three half day preschool days a week and then come next fall she will do full day kindergarten, all after juuuust turning five. After discussion with her teacher and the wall and anyone else who would share an ear we decided she would do three full day preschool days a week next year and then kindergarten. 

The year of course was not a waste! We have watched her learn and grow and open up in so many ways. Other "major" changes we have all seen in little Miss Letty are as follows, in no particular order:

- she colors inside the lines. Her artwork at the beginning of the year was that of the caliber of David. Mindless scribbles and lines going everywhere. Quantity over quality. Now she stays practically perfectly inside the lines.

- she writes her name on her own and can copy anything you ask her to. It is just amazing to see your child doing something as adult as writing. Even if it is just copying letter for letter. I'll take it. 

- she will answer questions when asked. She used to ignore everyone. She would stand there tight-lipped and rigid. Now she will give a response. We take what we can. 

- she has learned countless songs and games and even her nightly prayer. 

I decided I would interview the school girl herself, albeit briefly. 

Who is your best friend at school? Leah
What was the best part of school? Coloring 
What was your favorite thing you learned this year? Numbers
What will you miss the most? Snacks
What are you looking forward to most this summer? Playing at home. 

There you have it folks. Succinct.

I feel sad that she won't stay in the same "year" as her current friends but I am glad at least one of the two live in this very development. Preschool friendships are friendships for life. Right?

Oh. And here is what a year's worth of preschool papers looks like:

Anyways. Happy summer vacation to us! Mazel!!!

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