never have I ever

Never have I ever...

Preferred white wine over red, even if the dish is chicken.

Enjoyed sleeping anywhere else but my own bed.

Been scuba diving.

Jumped out of an airplane.

Wanted to eat at a Jack n the Box again.

Found a church I feel is home.

Watched Captain Planet.

Willingly and without internal turmoil loaned out a book or a dvd.

Cut my own hair. Bangs yes, hair no.

Been to Asia, Africa, or Kansas.

Gotten on an airplane and not touched the exterior with a silent prayer to stay in the air.

Eaten peas.

Truly regretted getting one of my tattoos.

Walked past a freshly paved driveway and not thought of my Poppop.

Been embarassed by my love for Twilight. Or Harry Potter. Or Outlander.

Needed to know my multiplication tables. I am almost 32 and I have lived to tell the tale.

Lived in a different state from my parents.

Regretted not being a resident at my college.

Wanted to spend a night away from my kids.

Been successful in growing a lemon tree, no matter how much I want to succeed.

Been an over-exaggerator or sarcastic... ever.

What about you? What have you never ever done?

I'm linking up with Belinda as part of her Blog Everyday in May challenge. Which I'm clearly not doing. But I may join in a time or two should the mood strike...

Found Love. Now What?



  1. Good post! Hmm this would've been a good prompt for me! So many ideas! So little time! ;) you forgot never have I ever slacked in posting your blog. Unlike me! :( haha

  2. ha i love this post. twilight forever :) do i get a prize because i'm pretty sure i knew all of these things? yes? :)

  3. Come visit me in Texas! :) I can show you around in Dallas!

  4. great list! I found myself nodding along to most of these things!

  5. In the event that this was a drinking game......consider me drunk as hell!! Haha ;)

  6. the book loan!!!! i mean i love sharing, but you just knooow your stuff will come back at least a little more torn up or... not at all. love for twilight? i have no shame. love for outlander, no shame needed. ;) red wine, always. and you know i'm on your page about the babies. i am sick over being away even for a night!

    additionally: never have i ever officially broken a bone or undergone surgery [i don't go to the dr for banged up fingers or toes, so, there's the possibility, but nothing major ever. and for surgery, i'm not counting wisdom teeth removal. haha.], enjoyed asian cuisine [ugh, i just doooon't], or been on a cruise [isolating myself at sea sounds like it's just asking for trouble!].

  7. I just cannot lend out a book either, they are true and dear!

  8. Watched Captain Planet lol. How random! I hate lending things too. I lent my vhs of Casper and never got it back. I'm still not over it.

  9. Oh, this list is good. So many uh huh's and me too's! ;-)


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