mother's day gifts for the nonna in our lives

I've already warned my mother (the Nonna) to refrain from reading the blog today. I'm sure I'll see a serious dip in traffic because of that warning, if she chooses to heed it. Here is what the kids will be gifting their Nonna with this glorious Mother's Day. The only rules I have being that it is personalized, thoughtful, and that it is relatively inexpensive in case it doesn't turn out the way I'd hoped. 

Baby Feet Flowers:
Construction paper and paint and baby's piggies. Which pretty much constitutes every craft I make my mother. I watch my niece one day a week and so I figured one can never have too many baby piggies.... so I added her's into the mix. Dom's fat feet being the lavender.He inherited his father's hobbit feet for sure.

Helping Hands Oven Mitt:
The mitt is from the Dollar Tree and the paint is from my craft cupboard. Cabinet? No judgement, all God's children. Anyway fabric paint may have been a smarter way to go but I like to live dangerously and just used acrylic. And I had to bribe David with chocolate because why no he most certainly did not want paint on his hand. It was painful.

Personalized Coffee Mug:
The mug itself is from where else but the Dollar Tree. I wrote all about how I do the sharpie mugs here. Letty had a blast drawing a sun, flower, Nonna and herself, as well as writing her name and adding an xoxo inside the mug. She would have colored the mug black should I have let her.

What about you? Any fun and creative gift ideas you've got going on for the ladies in your life?