looking forward to this summer

1 the watching of parades and fireworks  2 a beach weekend with family 3 deck nights with bulb lights 4 strawberry/cherry/peach/raspberry picking and by picking i mean harvesting to save for the winter long 5 frequent visits to DW and partaking of water slides 6 bbq's including Matt's grilled sweet corn 7 farmer's market visits almost every Tuesday to keep fresh fruit in rotation 8 baking by the pool with the kiddies and popsicles 9 ice cream up at the jigger shop in the woods 10 fairs! 11 zoos and trains and museums oh my 12 pedicures as often as I can get them 13 hiking, or whatever that translates to with kids 14 maine family vacation, lake and all.

it's going to be a good one!



  1. oh what a lovely list! this is great :) cheers to summer! my favorite!


  2. Beach weekend will be here before we know it!

  3. Sounds soo fun! Let me know about pool and pops date. Tori loves anything where she can hang out with her 'friends' (which are any kids she sees lol)


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