just your typical saturday

I overbook our MDW. I do it every year. It's my process. Our Saturday started off with a sweat-inducing photo shoot that David wanted absolutely nothing to do with, Hershey kisses or not! But I soldiered on!

Then we all packed up and headed the van towards Mount Gretna and The Jigger Shop to meet some of my family for opening day. Matt singing Time of My Life the entire way. He just doesn't understand summers when I was a kid and the excitement of heading up here to grab some delicious ice cream. Nostalgic he is most certainly not.

Sufficiently full of ice cream we went home to meet up with the Olsens for that side's version of a holiday bbq. Grilling and mac and cheese and beer. And our annual MDW family photo... what? Four years running?

Isn't that romper the girls have on adorable? Capital A? Aunt Holly couldn't resist having matching cousin outfits. And I figure when Letty outgrows it it'll head right back over there. So really, she was investing in Sydney's future buying that. ;)