i'm full of quirks

I'm a quirky lady.When I asked Matt the other night what some of my quirks were he just chuckled back at me. There are too many to name. So besides the fact that I love pirates and wearing stupid hats some of my other quirks are...

Photo by Kerri

I hate to bend the spine in a book.

I eat my least favorite thing on my plate first and save the best for last.

I cannot wear anything itchy or hot.

I always question whether I locked the van or not. Close to five times.

I have had the same make up routine since I started wearing makeup. 

Food with odd names upset me. Like meat should not be in loaf format. 

Sand is the devil's work. 

I'll hold on to something indefinitely as long as it still serves a function. Even if it's a duplicate item. 

The playroom has to be picked up before we move on to anything

Condiments in bulk give me the chills and the gags. 

If a pillow is not at the correct angle I won't rest until it's corrected. Because its WRONG any other way. 

I don't need it, but I sure do love having the ceiling fan on every night of the year. 

I chew my cuticles. 

I shave my arms. Have since 2001. But I'm also not sure hair grows there anymore if I'm being honest. 

I sing along to practically every song. But I won't sing in church. 

I won't watch a movie if Denzel Washington is in it. 

I collected marbles, polished rocks and wine corks. Two of those I still have to this day. 

More often than not I get sick after eating. Mostly if it has cheese in it. Cheese is not my friend even though it is. Frenemies?

I love family home movies. 

I don't like going out to fine dining institutions. I always feel like I'm "playing" grown up. Even if I technically am a grown up. 

Silence makes me uncomfortable in public settings. 

Sometimes at the dentist I fear my jaw won't close and it will be stuck like that forever. 

I don't like to go out. I don't like to wear pants. I don't like to leave my kids. I don't let anyone but family watch my kids. Read: my mom, my sister and my sister-in-laws. That's it. Okay I lie our best friends have watched our kids too, but we consider them family. 

Loud chewers should be banished. And I am one. 

I don't like dogs. I don't wish them harm. I wish them well. But they are sadly not for me. I've tried. But hair. Drool. Barking. I am ashamed. 

The week before my period I legit think everyone is mad at me. Legit. I think I did things wrong. 

I hate talking on the phone. 

Among a million other things.

I'm linking up with Belinda as part of her Blog Everyday in May challenge. Which I'm clearly not doing. But I may join in a time or two should the mood strike...

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  1. hahaha we are so much alike!
    I totally understand eating the least favorite thing first. my husband always laughs at me, and I'm just like: you HAVE to finish it on the highest note.. And everyone at works knows that I have to check the doors 3 times before I'm sure things are locked.. ugh it's annoying.. I know! loved it!

  2. I recheck the house locks if I have a mini bit of doubt.You hate wearing pants? Like prefer shorts or you just would rather not wear anything at all?
    That is a total bummer about the cheese. Fun post!

  3. lol i love this list. bc we're both so damn quirky and that's what i heart about you :) xoxo


  4. "Sand is the devil's work." - Preach!
    I love going near beaches because they're beautiful and warm, but being on the beach is always a bit tricky because I hate the feeling of sand.

  5. I always save my favourite thing for last too and my family thinks I'm crazy - should have added that one to my list! I also HATE talking on the phone but have to for my job so I realllly hate having to do it outside of work. Why isn't emailing sufficient communication yet?!

  6. Haha! Condiments in bulk. I totally agree. Ew.

  7. oh i can't believe cheese isn't your friend!!!!! sad!!! but asian isn't mine, right, so ;) and omg hate pants.

  8. Twins. There are not very many things here that I can't agree with. Shocking, I know. ;-)

  9. "Meat should not be in loaf format."

    Can blogger please allow emojis so that I may add 27 laughing-so-hard-I'm-crying emojis here?

  10. I could fill a years worth of time by asking myself "did I close the garage? should I do a drive by? does anyone even know?"

  11. This cracked me up. You are hilarious. And I think I like you even more. The most random... The dentist thing. Lol


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