faux metal eat sign

I found these wooden letters at Target for $3.99! Pretty much the cheapest diy eat sign ever. Right?
I spray painted them silver...

Then I sprayed them flat brown but from a distance away, the more random the better.

And then I dry painted them with black, focusing on the edges and the corners.

These letters did not have any way to hang them already so I just used the same blue putty I used for my gallery wall to hang these. And I love it! Matt can't wrap his head around how we need more things in the house and on the walls.... to which I query, why does he not give in already? This has been going on for ten years!

Anyways. The end!



  1. That one is awesome! Easy and cheap my faves. Looks great. And always with the more things in the places and on the walls.

    Your sidebar video wouldn't let me scroll through for a bit there until I paused it. Aggressive advertising!!

  2. you're so creative! i mean thank goodness bc you have enough for the both of us. i dig it, father


  3. I am going to steal this, such a good idea! And it looks like you bought it and it really looks metal!

  4. Every kitchen needs some EAT letters! I'm just sad I spent money on metal ones, when this look like a diy I could do! Lol

  5. Gorgeous and he really should have caught on by now. ;-)


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