dominic at five months

Someone is a rolling stone! Constantly rolling from back to belly and then being all wtf about that. Also? Someone needs to break that tooth right on through. Someone needs to focus on eating solids consistently. Someone got his first cold (or teeth? Isn't it amazing how all manner of sins can be covered by teething?). Someone hates peaches. Or the song. Which I sang to him.

He eats... An occasional meal depending on his mood. Or his teeth if you follow that train of thought. Some days I feel like he gets three solid helpings of oatmeal or a fruit and veg and other times he says no way. Which is fine I guess! He eats a lot during the day, especially now that he sleeps 10-12 hours at night again. He's packing it on for winter. He gives a death glare at our water glasses and when introduced he promptly took sip after sip as if this was life as he knew it all along. 

He sleeps... 10-12 hours! Hallelujah! A swing! A swaddle! Ameneth! He naps three-four times in his swing but they are very brief. And with that night schedule I'm all like who carrrrres. We really just weren't paying attention to him in April. We wanted him in his crib and clearly he's going to be like I don't know a pilot or something when he grows up. The man wants to be in the air. But hey Dom? Can we just not maybe? Mommy is a worry wort and feet planted firmly on the ground is best. 

Likes... Standing. Drooling. Chewing on his blanket or his owl book. His jumper! The poor boy has jumped and jumped so much that he has actually made his feet bleed! I mean. Have you ever heard anything like that!? Any thing or sound his sister does or makes. Smilinggggg. Oh those smiles! How can you have a bad day when those smiles are around!? I want to put them in my pocket and bring them out later. Oh wait. That's called an iPhone. 

Dislikes... Getting stuck on his belly. Loud noises, such as his daddy sneezing or the vaccum. Anyone who dares think they can hold him and make him happy. Peas. Being hot, which sadly it appears he will always be. See also? Pants. 

His siblings... David gives him a hug every night before bed. And it took me forever to realize that! I'm feeding Dom and David runs to give me a kiss and then lays his head on Dom's legs and wraps his arms around the boppy. For some reason it took me weeks of this behavior to realize it had nothing to do with me and everything to do with Dom. And here I thought he didn't care much for Dom! I'll take this as caring. Letty. She needs a restraining order. I think it's getting a bit obsessive. 

Anyways... FIVE MONTHS!