Happy Memorial Day! Thank you to all who serve and have served! We salute you! Exclamation point!

Dominic, aged 23 weeks: That cute little polo number up there didn't make it through the day... More often than not when I get him dressed nice he jumps until he has a blowout everywhere. Maybe I should start double bagging him. Ha!

David, aged 2 years: We took this grumpy little boy to the doctor's office last week where he was diagnosed with seasonal allergies. The poor dear. A nose spray and a prescription for Zyrtec later here we are. Awaiting our happy David's return. 

Letteria, aged 4 years: I swear this child is growing literally over night. Her appetite has increased like no other. I'll see her standing somewhere and do a double take... Like wait a sec your head isn't supposed to be up that high. Legs. For. Days. 

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  1. those babies. the cutest! how did she grow so much?! and allergies - poor david!! happy memorial too, you patriotic children


  2. aww patriotic babes!! and oh allergies!! bummer!! i am pretty sure seasonal allergies are a way of life on some level for everyone here... i hope he feels better soon!

  3. Doubled bagged! You kill me. haha. Hopefully David will start to feel himself again. Allergies are stupid. They are attacking me this year too. That Letty, I swear every time I see a new photo of her I have to do a double take. It literally does seem like she is growing up overnight. I wish you could stop it or at least slow it down a bit. ;-)

  4. ugh no allergies! Be gone.
    Yeah I think perhaps double bagging might help! Give it a go.


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