Dominic, aged 22 weeks: Mama was a rolling stone... and all that jazz. Back and forth and back again. So we are just really working on our fitness. And holding our poo for four days and then wham! poo. No sooner had that photo been taken than he made it known.... he needed a new diaper. And a new outfit.

David, aged 2 years: Scrapes and scabs and puppy dog tails... and a chocolate mustache. This boy has been taking mandated naps just like 2014. He goes down without a fuss and sleeps hours upon hours, so I figure he needs those quiet hours much more than I do.

Letteria, aged 4 years: Miss grows a lot has just sprouted out of the majority of her summer tops. Thanks to Walmart, Kohl's and some yard sale finds her wardrobe is nice and plump again. Heavens, we cannot have a sparse wardrobe. Of course her favorites are the fifty cent Disney yard sale pieces.

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