Dominic, aged 21 weeks: We have really been enjoying our time sitting. Gives you such perspective you know? Makes us feel like one of the girls. Like we have rights. 

David, aged 2 years: Broken record table for one, but those MOLARS! Make it stop! We also think that maybe he has allergies? So we are trying to remedy that as well as of late. The tantrums and random naps are all pointing to a boy who just doesn't feel right

Letteria, aged 4 years: We went yard sale-ing this past weekend and she chose the foulest looking My Little Pony stable and accompanying ponies. They were washed and washed and washed some more when we got home but still. Yuck. 

Past weekly shots here.



  1. aw the sitting up! and that pic of david is really lovely. and then letty - your caption cracks me up. the things we do for our kiddos :) i mean if i had some. you get it. whatever. happy monday! ha


  2. Who is that big kid in the first pic!! Allergies suck. Hopefully not those. Chris has the worst allergies when we go to PA - the noises he makes at night, divorce is contemplated. And, ew. No matter how many times you wash something you can't get rid of the internal shudder.

  3. Can't stop laughing about Letty's pick!! Kids are funny creatures!

  4. I actually had to do a double take that little sitter up there. I mean, Dom can not be sitting already!?1? But alas, he is. Too crazy my friend, too crazy.


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