Dominic, aged 20 weeks: He's either working on some teeth or he is succumbing to a cold. Snots McGee, that's his name. He is also rolling over onto his belly frequently and then being quite annoyed with that state of affairs.
David, aged 2 years: If he could live outside with his dump truck in the sandbox he would be a happy man. Add the water table into the mix and he is just over the moon. Water AND sand! He's frantic with excitement.

Letteria, aged 4 years: This is her final week of preschool... already! And she is such a giant. A giant I try and squeeze into a size 2T bathing suit. I figure it works for just hanging out at home....right?

Past weekly shots here.



  1. babies galore. minus that last one. she's a young lady and it's just baffling how time flies. happy monday! over and out


  2. haha sometimes you just never know when you can still squeeze them into something sized way too tiny!! m wore some 12 month leggings for aaaaages. haha! they just got a little shorter and shorter!

  3. Tori barely fits a 2T LOL.. Poor Letty :-P

  4. They are all so sweet. You guys are blessed xo

  5. Oh that picture of Dom...just melting my heart! His little smolder is a killer man, how do you deal!!

  6. So cute. I heart them but you know that. ;-)


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