looking forward to this summer

1 the watching of parades and fireworks  2 a beach weekend with family 3 deck nights with bulb lights 4 strawberry/cherry/peach/raspberry picking and by picking i mean harvesting to save for the winter long 5 frequent visits to DW and partaking of water slides 6 bbq's including Matt's grilled sweet corn 7 farmer's market visits almost every Tuesday to keep fresh fruit in rotation 8 baking by the pool with the kiddies and popsicles 9 ice cream up at the jigger shop in the woods 10 fairs! 11 zoos and trains and museums oh my 12 pedicures as often as I can get them 13 hiking, or whatever that translates to with kids 14 maine family vacation, lake and all.

it's going to be a good one!


happy memorial day!

I know I've mentioned it a time or a hundred but having a photographer as a sister-in-law is pretty fantastic. I was standing right beside her when she took the below photo and you can see here her's and my shotty one down the page a bit and it's so very  nice, her skill. So thank you to her!

As we have done the past three years on Memorial Day we went to the parade our little town hosts. It's small and it's tame but it is nice and close and a great time for the little ones. A few fire trucks. Some servicemen and women... the high school band and candy, just your basic parade. David counted the trucks as they went on by... Letty had her daily fall on those concrete parking lot things she was using as a balance beam... And Dominic watched safely from his father's arms.  After the parade we congregated back at my parents for a bbq and some kiddie pool time, but not before torturing the children by attempting what we thought would be adorable photo shoots. David says no. Lena says no. David REALLY says no. But the ending results were pretty humorous. Once the stress had worn off. And the wine had started working it's magic...


splishin and a splashin

One of the activities on MDW that falls under the "must do" category is hit up Dutch Wonderland's water park, Duke's Lagoon. It opened for the summer this past weekend and it is quite possibly our favorite thing about DW. Until the crowds descend that is. We arrived first thing (before those alleged fun sucking crowds) and pretty much enjoyed the full run of the place. The kids went on slide after slide after slide, big and small and every color of the rainbow. And I carried around Dom in his adorable sunhat and kissed his perfectly large cheeks. And maybe took a bite or two out of them.

As usual our neighbors met us there and our children fled to the far four corners of the water park. Nothing is quite as fun to them as the arrival of their Fitzs. If I could only harness the power of their energy and use it for good just imagine all I could accomplish! Oh and Dom let Aunt Steph hold him for all of a minute or two! He really should get over that permanently and just get used to her because she is wonderful and going absolutely nowhere.

The crowds took over at that point and as pass season holder snobs we decided we were above the wait and left to our air conditioned vans. Oh! And later on that day Matt and I attended a neighborhood party that was reminiscent of college days. Or so I hear, had I gone to a school where there were actual parties. With beer. Or kegs. But at this party! There were really amazing fireworks! We popped back home and took my sister and the kids outside to watch them. Nothing says summer to me like fireworks, am I right?

I need a fireworks watching calendar. Now.


just your typical saturday

I overbook our MDW. I do it every year. It's my process. Our Saturday started off with a sweat-inducing photo shoot that David wanted absolutely nothing to do with, Hershey kisses or not! But I soldiered on!

Then we all packed up and headed the van towards Mount Gretna and The Jigger Shop to meet some of my family for opening day. Matt singing Time of My Life the entire way. He just doesn't understand summers when I was a kid and the excitement of heading up here to grab some delicious ice cream. Nostalgic he is most certainly not.

Sufficiently full of ice cream we went home to meet up with the Olsens for that side's version of a holiday bbq. Grilling and mac and cheese and beer. And our annual MDW family photo... what? Four years running?

Isn't that romper the girls have on adorable? Capital A? Aunt Holly couldn't resist having matching cousin outfits. And I figure when Letty outgrows it it'll head right back over there. So really, she was investing in Sydney's future buying that. ;)