the many uses of chalkboard paint

I am obsessed with my chalkboard wall. I have Pinterest boards and albums on my phone just for chalkboard wall inspiration. But you can paint more than just a wall. You can paint all kinds of things. And many of these things make great and thoughtful but also unique gifts at a bargain. Soooo.... Just saying. 

Chalkboard Platter:
I found this one at Target last year around Valentine's Day but have yet to find another I enjoy as much again. It's plastic and it was cheap. I love the shape too! Since then I've just purchased chargers but the shape (round or square) isn't quite as fun.And I assure you, should you leave it on top of your vehicle before driving away it will break. Cough. Mark. Cough.

Chalkboard Wine Bottle:
My sister got one of these before she got married and I always envied it. So I just visited my recycling bin, removed the label and painted away!

Chalkboard Picture Frame:
Now you could paint the frame itself but I just wanted a small print for my bedroom. I probably won't be changing it too often. I just painted the cardboard backing that came with the frame.

Chalkboard Planter:
You could paint the whole thing or just a label sized part or just the rim, possibilities are endless. It could also be a fun Mother's Day gift.

Chalkboard Label on a Decanter:
I used masking tape because the painter's tape was hidden somewhere I could not locate it. I look forward to bringing this out for our next function. Whatever that may be. 
Anyone else have any fun uses for chalkboard paint? I'm all ears...



  1. I love the platter idea - looks so neat!

  2. you're so crafty. i need some chalkboard paint in my life. and i still recommend all the options i posted on your insta photo hehe. harry potter.

  3. LOVE the planter idea! So cute.

  4. love this... all of it! I need to buy some chalkboard paint now.

  5. Love this. All of it. I need a chalkboard wall in my life. I am quite surprised I don't have one yet. It seems like a gateway into a whole world of all things chalk. I am ready for the addiction. ;-)

  6. I love chalkboard but my hand writing is awful!! What great ideas!!

  7. You are the chalkboard QUEEN Laurie. I envy your chalkboard skills.

  8. You are amazing! I love these ideas. You know, my confession is, I don't own blackboard paint - I need to get some to quality as a real Mom lol x

  9. I've only painted a framed type thing with the chalkboard paint. I love the big framed chalk painted area that Little Baby Garvin has on her porch, if you follow her. I want it. and the porch..


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