letty cam

It's hard to narrow down from the great multitude of photos on Letty's iPad but I do my best. I give you, another edition of Letty Cam:

You're My, Brown Eyed Girl: 

Snow and Valentine Stickies:

A Selfie!

Mom In Kitchen Like a Princess, Watch Out:

Grammy Mondays: 

Daily Life:

Blurry Nonna:

Lena with Bottle:

Aunt Beth Smiles:

My Little Pony and Daddy:

Easter Basket and Books:

Letty's Room:

Cindy, PC and the Bunny:

Our Foyer:

David and iPad:

Another Selfie with Baby Bro:

Mom and Dom at Grammys:

Past Letty Cams here.



  1. ha some of those are actually tres good! she's gonna be a selfie PRO in just a few short years. watch out world. :) happy friday!


  2. i love when the little ones capture life!!! great job, letty!!!

  3. So cool to see the world through the eyes of a child. She has actually got some pretty good shots in there too! ;)

  4. Lol. I love her selfies with her brothers. And that one of you and Dom. Bless.

  5. So funny!!! I love that she just takes pictures of everything, I can only imagine what else is hidden in the depths of the iPad archives. :)


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