just a tale of an april day

Over the weekend we had a rare and gorgeous day. The temperatures hit the high seventies, the sky was blue, the sun was shining, the birds were singing! We brought out the water table, the sprinkler, bathing suits and sunblock and spent close to seven hours outside. And I'm the only one with a sunburn! And oh the sprinkler fun! We rarely set the thing up because you know, a water table and a pool should be more than enough. Letty squealed like a preteen seeing Nsync live and David attacked the very same sprinkler with a shovel. With gusto. Take that water! It should also be noted that Letty has outgrown every single one of her one piece bathing suits! She came down in one for swim lessons last week and I was all oh dear girl.... Not appropriate. Thankfully our Fitzs keep us fully stocked and we have a few two pieces to choose from. Stop growing!! All the feels!!

Also, news on the home front: we moved our swing set! As seen here, the set was placed towards the back of our yard on a slight decline. I hated it the first time I watched Letty swing on the thing. When the swing went back the playset lifted ever so slightly and my heart would stop and I would have horrible visions and equally overly dramatic things. So I asked the men who pick things up and put things down in my life to move it from that side of the yard to a less dangerous location on the other side.

And then I got the bright idea that kids need things to play with outside (you know, other than their imagination and water tables and balls and a playset and sprinklers and a pool and frisbees) and so asked why don't you make the bottom of the playset a sand box Matt? He barely let the words out of my mouth before he was out the door on his way to Home Depot to purchase landscape fabric and oodles and oodles of bags of sand.  Kid at heart that one with a dream of digging in the sand with his children. This seventy degree day was the day he chose to dig out the ground and make it a reality. For me. The Loather of Sand.

Letty sat on the swing serenading Matt with lyrics of her own creation: oh my daddy is a good daddy, he's a good boy, and so on and so forth continued the flow of positive reinforcement whilst her daddy dug and dug and dug some more. He stapled down the fabric and dumped a great deal of sand into the newly formed sandbox. And then he told me how proud of me he was for allowing the children to have said sandbox. To which I rolled my eyes. Twice.

Not five minutes into playing in it David dropped everything and came running up the steps and into the house repeating: get a backhoe get a backhoe getabackhoe! Which is really why I decided they could have a sandbox I guess. The boy needs to dig. I shouldn't pin down his creativity. What's a little sand settled into the bottom of my bathtub when creativity is involved?

Anyway. It was a nice day. And now you know.