i said a hip hop easter

As always on Easter morn the bunny leaves his tracks to the basket location. The baskets were a bit over done this year with the addition of the Frozen Fever Barbie that we just had to get Letteria. She also got more Barbie clothes and a Barbie vanity. Where my little girl went I'll never know. David got Thomas books and a Thomas flashlight and another TrackMaster train as well as a few Hot Wheels. We always need more of those. Dom got a really adorable fabric owl book, a flashlight, a rattle ball and a chew toy. Toys that dogs would love and babies too. As I'm sure you can imagine he was most impressed.

While this Easter was no Palm Beach, it was still a very nice Easter. Almost the entire immediate family made it together to bombard my parent's house. My parents gave each kid their own version of  a basket present, Letty got a color me in My Little Pony and some new Frozen socks. David got a really cool and quite realistic looking fireman costume that he is currently avoiding donning. Dominic got some push toy car and plane and a cute little duckling book. So. Thank you parents!

We started the day off with an egg hunt where if I'm being honest, there were far too many eggs for each big kid. Probably over thirty each which was about twenty too many. Who is to blame? Me. I am. It was cold and windy but sunny and so we pretended it was appropriate outdoor hunt weather.

The kids... they counted their bounty like pirates of olde. David displayed more of his Rainman tendencies by organizing his candy and his eggs by color as he meticulously separated candy types. Gotta go to Kmart gotta go to Kmart.

We ate our meal and our dessert and then the ladies of the family packed up all the kids and drove them over to visit with my Grammy who chose to stay home this Easter. So we bring the noise to her. And I'm sure once we left she promptly took a nap.

And for quite a different Easter that included palm trees gooooo here.



  1. So fun! We did a hunt too but Izzy (my 4 yr old niece) kept stealing the eggs from Tori and Sam.. they sort of cared and sort of didn't, I imagine that next year they will DEFINITELY care lol.
    The babies are getting big! Even Dom, he doesn't look like much of a newborn anymore! (Sorry lol)

  2. oh my gosh all those adorable babies. and the hunting for eggs outside - so cute!


  3. Gorgeous family, so photogenic those little ones. Love the bunny tracks! The carrot eggs look so familiar. I think I tasted a couple of those last weekend. :)

  4. David's outfit while hunting eggs couldn't be any cuter!! That kid can rock a vest! And I love all the family photos, such a good lookin bunch!

  5. I just clicked through to last year and then clicked the other posts pertaining to last year and I'm now in a black Olsen hole. And I'm not sad about it. And it's not black. It's bright. And happy. And tasty. Also, those blue flowers? That picture hurt my eyes it was so bright and beautiful. Love the pictures as always. XO

  6. Uhm wow it's not going to take long for Dom to catch up to David in size! Haha. Great family photo! Frame worthy for the gallery wall :)

  7. hm yes not quite the same as last year! I'd want to take a nap too if that many noise makers were over at my place. I'm always down for a nap with just the one. I think I should start sending her to school just so I can nap. Since my naps have been totally nixed now that she doesn't nap. I mean, she didn't even consult me? So rude.
    I love the bunny prints, I totally spaced that this year.


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