here comes peter cottontail. twice.

There is a magical place not far from here called Hershey's Chocolate World. And at this world made of chocolate around Easter time they have a bunny. And at this bunny visit you are allowed to take a photo with your own camera and therefore pass  by the $10 Easter Bunny Photo Fee. So this is what we do. Every year.

This is something that I normally do with our old neighbors, but when I thought I would be out of town I planned a trip with my sister and sister-in-law. When that out of town trip was cancelled (side eye Dom and his aversion to bottles) I could then go with the Fitzs and with the sisters. TWO bunny trips. Because I am a glutton. For punishment.

The trip with the Fitzs went quite well, even though in my head you would have thought I was preparing for the apocalypse. I prepped myself and the kids starting no less than one hour prior to departure. I rode up to Hershey wearing the baby wrap for quick child placement. I had the enormous mammoth of a diaper bag and also a backpack with the essentials (you know, two different sized diapers, wallet and my camera). And then I was twenty minutes early and I had to pee. Worlds were exploding when I thought of that but it all worked out. No one touched the floor or toilet and I was able to pee whilst wearing Dom. 

Then Steph and kids arrived and although I was sweating and constantly counting my children I was surviving. The children even sat on the bunny's lap and there was no wait and we even got to do Chocolate World! Dom cried but as per tradition with my children and Chocolate World that is just what one must do.

And then just four short days later on my sister-in-law's birthday my family and all Trovato cousins packed up and repeated the exact same event. Except this time I had the wrap wrapped tighter (just not tight enough) and I was not in fact early but right on time.

We were even so lucky as to get each family individually and then the entire cousin photo as well. Thanks Bunny! Lena just loved him and I mean... crying baby pictures are even better than smiling ones. The other babies didn't feel the need to cry during the Chocolate World ride, but Mikayla did feel as though the sound was a wee bit too loud so she just covered her ears. Old soul that one. Nonna bought the kids chocolate bunny lollipops and home we went. All in one piece. All sweating a bit.

And that's a wrap! And a special thank you to my wrap, for which this would not have been possible. Oh and Hershey? Allow strollers inside and allow stroller parking inside. Thank you!

Last year's bunny here.



  1. All the babies! And if I was Lena I would probably cry at that bunny too. Human sized bunnies scare me :P

  2. i'm sweating just thinking about the logistics. super mom does it again :) but yay for hershey! and easter and many many adorable babies :)

  3. You peed with all three kids?? Wearing Dom nonetheless. Super mom!! Cute pictures. Sydney didn't get around to visiting the Easter bunny. Maybe next year!

  4. I think you need some sort of badge for a triple kid pee. I don't think I've managed to keep Aria from touching gross things or opening the door on me once yet, and she is just one! oh, or looking under the stall into the next one and saying it isn't daddy. Nope, not dad...let's stay over here k.

  5. So many kiddos...and so many smiles!!! My kids said hell to the no with the bunny. Okay...they didn't use those exact words, but according to Chris and my mom they were not having it! haha

  6. i have always wanted to take a trip to hershey!!! how fun!! and perfect time of year, of couuurse! what lucky babes you have seeing that bunny twice :) although, m is anti-visiting symbolic holiday characters, so. you know. haha.

  7. Yahoo, for two trips! That Easter bunny is actually the first one I have seen that doesn't actually creep me out. :-)


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