five "problems" solved

1| Our diy kitchen table, made by Matt of course, had one problem. It was long (which was lovely) but it had a small base. It would start to tip if someone leaned on one end and this of course didn't bode well for dinners. Matt solved the problem by throwing four legs on it. Sturdy and safe. Solved. 
2| These CAT trains are fantastic and David loves them. He loves them so much that he takes the tracks apart and carries them all over the basement. And then they break. Plywood, paint and a stapler later and wala! CAT island!!

3| Our lovely laundry room was missing something. An "O" to be exact. Matt made me one, because to buy one of the size I wanted? Shiz gets expensive. I just found a font I liked on PicMonkey and then free handed it onto a large piece of plywood which he then cut out and I painted.

4| I got all involved with these essential oils you know? And really had no idea what I was doing or what they would be used for. I just went ahead and prepped a rollerball of each oil and a "blend" for cold symptoms so that way I am already prepared. Eucalyptus, Lemon, Peppermint, Lavender and the Immune Strength. Clearly the IS is being used all the bloody time.

5| I suppose this is only really a problem for someone OCD such as myself. I found the below wooden tray at a local store and was told it was a drawer from a key factory? Anyways I don't buy old things. I just don't. Antiques alarm me. I usually tell my mother that someone probably died sitting in/wearing/using said item and it gives me the skeeves. With our new end table though the tray (or drawer) needed a new home. This problem is solved. Albeit temporarily. Not that the photo does it justice.

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  1. I just love your solution for the CAT trains. Looks like I just found my hubby next project and my little guys new fave thing!

  2. ha i love this post. antiques alarm you. i know thisss about you :) and the table - good work adding the legs. and that o is super cute! gah. i can't handle all the cuteness. i may pass out. from it all. and yay for essential oils! i have a "in tune" blend on the back of my neck right now. bc you needed to know that. for focusing. i can tell you the oils if you want!

  3. yay for oils and yay for that 'o'... super cute!

  4. Digging the train tracks! Always a solution if you are willing to take the time.

  5. That table is gorgeous and just what I need. Also, I love everything about that last pic. Come do my house already. :)


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