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easter egg dyeing yet again


Always a family for traditions we must dye eggs come Easter time. Every year we attempt some new fangled type of egg dye job and most of the time we end up slightly disappointed. This year we had the regular plain dye, we had foil for the eggs, napkins and decoupage, and my favorite, chalkboard paint! 

The processes themselves weren't quite the easiest but the napkins and the chalkboard eggs came out pretty well. You should even see my mother's!

The kids enjoyed it... David even asked to keep dipping his hard boiled egg into the dye over and over. Letty of course wanted stickers and all of this going on while Dom screamed from the swing and I mainlined wine. This is what making memories is all about yes? Just be thankful I don't start uploading videos of these chaotic moments.

Last year's egg dyeing here.



  1. "mainlining wine" because yes. i love how the photos make it seem like a calm experience but with that many kiddos and just humans in general, there's definitely going to be noise! :) cute cute eggs


  2. beautiful easter eggs....
    good job...

  3. I cant get over how grown up Letty looks!

  4. Speaking of videos, I feel like baby snoring videos need top billing. On the regular. Just sayin'.

  5. ooooh beautifully done!!! we accidentally skipped egg dying altogether this year. woops!!!

  6. I have never seen chalkboard paint used - what a good idea!

  7. Egg dying is way more sterssful than it should be. When is the 'drops the eggs into the dye with a big splash' age over? Maybe we'll do it outside next year.

  8. Sweet. "Mainlining wine" a girl after my own heart. Haha. Actually, I believe if there is video you are holding out. I can only imagine the awesome it would contain. ;-)


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