dominic at four months

Month four has been a busy month for this not so little man. The last time I weighed him on my precise scale he clocked in at 16.5 pounds and that was over two weeks ago. A more exact measurement to be gained at his next well visit on the 20th. He has started getting some solid food because let's face it he probably could gnaw on a steak at this point. He rolled over as well precisely three times. And he is just the apple of my eye. 

He eats... The solids! Oatmeal and carrots so far. And such a strange baby! My other two would gag and spit it out and maybe even cry but not Dom. No. He smiled and smiled and ate every last drop with no fuss and most certainly no muss. He still breastfeeds every night with gusto for that long session before bed. And well... Eats quite frequently as of late. Growth spurt? Habit?

He sleeps... Erratically. One day he could sleep ten hours through or for a week he will sleep over eight hours but then he's up every two or three for the next five days and so forth. But he is capable, it's just does he choose too. He spends his nights now swaddled tightly in his crib and he spends his naps in his swing. Usually one around 7, 10, 1 and then there is his dinner nap. I try to keep the swing off but that means his naps will be no more than 30 minutes each and sometimes a girl needs a longer nap. 

Likes... Milk. Farting (and watch out now because smelly beyond anything I have smelled before). Oatmeal. His jumper. Being bounced on a knee. His swing times a million. A good tight swaddle. His sister. Smiles. Sucking on his hands. 

Dislikes... Napping without a swing. Loud noises, particularly from his cousin Lena. My right side if you know what I mean. Being tired. He will be totally inconsolable until he is allowed to sleep. Being hot. The child sweats unlike any baby I have seen before. Soaked through his clothes if he really gets himself worked up. Like in the boba wrap. Which is sort of a dislike of his. He tolerates it for a few minutes. Tolerates me

His siblings... David has really backed off lately from all babies, showing zero interest. Every now and again he will say hey wait a minute he looking at me! Letty is the normal stage five clinger. She mimics my mother and is perfectly saying "what?!" over and over in a high pitched over-the-top sickeningly sweet voice.  

He has slowly started opening up to other people one minute at a time, but he still has his limit. He prefers to be with me and for now I'll soak up every second. This baby is already a third of the way through his first year and I'm just shocked.