diy three-tiered serving tray with dollar tree finds

Do you ever have a diy project that just doesn't turn out quite like you imagined? Been left feeling disappointed have you? Well, so have I. 

I wanted this server. Or this one. Or this one if it was larger.... Or if any of the above were more appropriately priced or say, available to the general public. Side eye to you Sams Club.

But since I am not made of money I took to the local Dollar Tree and whatever supplies I had on hand to make my own. And here's how! Not that I love it. Because I don't.

Supplies (all Dollar Tree finds totaling $9.54):
5 glass candlesticks
3 round cake pans
1 pizza pan

Things I happened to have on hand and found most useful:
Silver spray paint
Hot glue gun
Brown spray paint
Black paint

Spray paint all the candlesticks silver. I used hot glue to attach them to one another and to the cake pans as well. You can use masking tape to help steady them while they dry. I just glued two of them together by their "tops". I glued one upside down to the center of a cake pan as well for the top of the tower. I glued one cake pan upside down to the bottom of the pizza pan to give it some height. Then I just eyeballed it to center the rest, gluing two candlesticks to the pizza dish and the cake pan and so on up the ladder. It then looked like this. And my hatred for it was fierce.

I marinated in it for a few days and I still hated it. It was too shiny. It just wasn't Pottery Barn. I decided I could either try to make it look more rustic or find another home for it somewhere in the house or just throw it away... so I might as well try it. 

I spray painted the entire thing with brown spray paint. Obviously just misting it, I sprayed from a distance away, trying to focus on the edges and the candlesticks. I figure the more all over the place the better. No uniformity here. Then when that dried I dry painted the edges and candlesticks with black acrylic paint to my heart's content. There probably isn't a right or wrong there... If I messed it up I just wiped it away with a paper towel. 

While I'm not 100% on the finished product it is an immense improvement from where I started. But still no Pottery Barn.

And what else does one do when one is me but shop in one's own home for decor items. It's not exactly what I had in mind but it'll get there. I've got my eyes on a few things I'm hoping to pick up and switch out later. 

So what about you? Any diy projects disappoint you lately?



  1. I actually think it works great. By itself it may not look like much, but once it's filled with the goodies it looks pretty darn great! :)

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  3. Lol. I accidentally swore in that last post. Don't worry - I deleted it like a good Mama :p yes, I have had many screw ups with my diy projects haha

  4. haha i actually love it. great work my crafty friend! sincerely, the worst crafty person ever :)

  5. I think it looks great when filled! I little off balanced I guess naked...but it looks way better with stuff! Total keeper.

  6. i think it looks amazing!!! i am so impressed!! and the brown spray on top really did the trick. high five!!

  7. Empty, not my fav... full, looks good!

  8. It looks totally different once it is full for sure. I love it. You are the DIY queen even your fails still turn out. ;-)

  9. I love it and I think it looks great. And I'm not just saying that ;)

  10. You and your creativity amaze me! You can out DIY anyone. This is good, and I love it all filled up. I am giving it two thumbs up!


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