diy pallet entertainment center

Don't you always watch The Sound of Music? Well we do, especially when watching television above our brand new pallet entertainment center, courtesy of Handy Matty. Cantstopwontstop.

Our original entertainment center was from Target and years upon eons old. It was okay as far as entertainment centers go, but I had a few beefs with it. The doors were a child hazard. Crawling babies like to push on them to stand up (I would know, I've had no less than three babies knock them out because of this standing business). Now that the center lives upon a ceramic tile floor I had visions of glass in palms and well yes. That's beef number one. Beef number two which this picture does not demonstrate is that there is a slight warping in the center. It just goes down in the middle. Matt denied this for years but I finally got out a level and was proven right (obviously).

So. Money being of the essence it was left alone. Until the pallet mule. And then well, it was a whole other ball game.

So between the stain and some wood used to frame this came to about $12... so carry the two and that's CHEAP. And all thanks to my Handy Matty.