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a second.


Le Blog is two whole years old today. So happy birthday to it! So cheers! Cin cin!

The main reason I started blogging was for myself, to document life as I know it. For me. For my family. For my kids. I have the world's worst memory and having a place to write it all down along with corresponding photos is actually quite perfect for me. For example, I was given my grandmother's ring when she passed away... There is a story behind the ring, quite the tale. I just can't remember it. One stone came from someone's ring, another from a different person's and so on. Who's stones and rings they originally were is forever lost. I've tried to remember, I've questioned those who may know, all to no avail. I just know the ring was hers and she had it made out of significant stones from significant peoples and it was special to her and therefore special to me.

Stories like that ring are why I like having this blog. Because not only do I have a habit of forgetting but perhaps my children might as well. I know I'm flattering myself that they may even care.... but they might care. And that's enough for me. Can you imagine being able to read your mom's thoughts or about your day-to-day life as a kid? I know I would eat that riiiight up.

Thanks so much for reading and following along on this journey with us. I've gotten to know some pretty special people through this odd blogging thing and I'm forever grateful. So here I am, two years in and I'll continue trucking right along. andiamo!



  1. Happy Two! That is the reason I stick with blogging, because if not I'd never remember 1/4th of the fun. I've been going back and making yearbooks too...something tangible to keep. And even if Aria doesn't want to look back at it, I am sure I will.

  2. happy second birthday! that means mine is coming up! i need to look this up. i'm so glad you started blogging because i feel like i don't miss out on stuff going on up there as much. and then it's another way we can connect :) love seeing those babies grow too! heart you :)


  3. happy happy birthday! cheers! mazel! all of those things people say! party emoji!

  4. And I will keep reading!! I absolutely love reading about your family, the adventures, the Christmas decorations, the diy amazingness!! Happy 2 years!!

  5. happy two years!!! and yes yes yes, there are so many things that make blogging fun, but the reason why i do it is the same! to document and remember and hope that my babies see it as a diary of how much i love life and family and them. :) hopefully there will be good ways to make our blogs into books one day!!!

  6. It's me, late to the party as usual. the BIRTHDAY party! Happy belated two years! And I'm glad that you wrote this. And I love that you share your story with us, but mostly, that you keep it for yourself and for your kids.

  7. You go girl!! And you're doing an awesome job! You should be proud of yourself. And might I add you have become quite the photographer! It helps having adorable children :) :)

  8. Happy 2nd blog birthday! I know, I am a little behind but I know you will forgive me. I have a glass or a bottle for you later. I totally love that the kids (and you) will have all these memories to look back on. I totally wish I could of had something like this from my mom. :)


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