a day in the life

This day was a Friday. A school day. An almost weekend day. So kinnnnd of a good day.

7:30 am
Starting off the day right with coffee and pumping, followed by breakfast for me and the baby. This process normally starts shortly after 6 a.m. but it's really a long process when you think about it. I rush around and make the kid's beds, (minus Letty because she takes care of that) gather their clothes for the day if I didn't do that last night, and change into my work out gear. Matt gets Letty dressed and fed for which we are everrrr thankful.

8:30 am
I am about to finish up on the treadmill. I'm deep into Scandal and training for my first 5k since foreverrrrr. Matt leaves at 8:45 to take Letty to school to save me the effort of loading up all the kids. Because whether I like to admit it or not, it truly is a great deal of effort. 

9:30 am
I've just gotten through my shower when Dom wakes up from his morning nap. Always smiling. He will smile at me and then he will eat and play with my shirt and then smile again. David enjoys having the playroom all to his onesie while his sister is at school and the house is just peaceful. Quiet.
10:30 am
After the excitement of our mulch delivery (dump fruck!) we tackled the emotional jammie removal and clothing donning for David. All so I could start a load of wash. 
11:30 am
Matt comes in the door with Letty and starts right in on making us all lunch. Today was grilled cheeses made from his homemade French bread. We suffered through it. 

12:30 pm
Even though I just got David dressed I decide all the kids need a tubby. Letty has a sleepover tonight and it just made sense to do it now when there was time, and I do adhere to a strict every other day tubby except during summer months because then it's daily (I'm such a fun mom). She takes a big girl shower now all by herself and the boys tub together. I'm sure I look like quite the sight, rushing back and forth from bathroom to bathroom... washing Letty's hair and then taking the shampoo over to wash David's (why do we only have one thing of shampoo??) all while Dom lays on the floor and cooes at the light fixture, because clearly, we can't have Dom unattended in a tub ever, let alone with David. And I think David may be getting his molars? I'm not sure but he is chewing on his hands allllll the time and that's kind of unlike him. Enjoying this constant stream of conscious thought? Yes, me too.

1:30 pm
The big kids head downstairs while I feed Dom again and then he naps for a very little bit in his swing (naturally). This mess is why I don't ever go down there. Oh the humanity! Every time I hear those legos being dumped I cringe.

2:30 pm
Blame the rainy cold day but I just really was nodding off while feeding Dom so I put him in the swing (on) again and put Book of Life on TV in hopes I could close my eyes for a few minutes. They laughed in the face of my plan. 

3:30 pm
I probably did sleep for a little and of course then needed my coffee. At which time I felt it was perfect time to make the move for this plant. What once was by the back door is now here. Safely tucked away from traffic flow. I love this plant. I love it's name: mother-in-law's tongue. It's perfect.

4:30 pm
I had been trying to get Dom to nap sans swing being on, foolishly, but just look how comfy and happy he is? One day the swing will leave my kitchen. It will leave my house. And I'll be sad about it. So for now. Sleep well and snore on. 

5:30 pm
It's a Fitz Friday, which we try to make every Friday, and the first order of business is to pour everyone a big glass of wine. The children take off doing what it is they do and we just congregate around the island watching Matt cook for us.

6:30 pm
Matt cooked a pork and mashed potatoes meal and the kids watched Book of Life (what else?). Dom hung out with us in the dining room while we caught up on what we missed the prior week. I love that we have these weekly dinners. Since we can no longer yell out our back door at them it's the very least that we can do. Until summer comes and then the fun really starts. Also? I have quite the garden growing in my dining room.

7:30 pm
The men clean up the dishes and the kitchen and Steph and I cleaned up all the mayhem in the playroom and the basement. Nothing like a clean playroom to wrap up the night if you ask me. I wouldn't allow my kids to go upstairs without it looking like this... again... fun mom.

8:30 pm
The Fitzs took Letty home with them for a sleep over and wow! what a nice breather for us! She left blondies in Letty's place. Oh Steph. I may have gotten the better end of the deal. Okay I definitely got the better end of the deal. I ate my feelings with these blondies though, all because Letty could barely be bothered to give me a hug and say "see ya" before she was bounding out of the house towards their van.

9:30 pm
Dom is fed and swaddled and asleep and Matt and I are enjoying some quiet TV. Meaning you could hear a pin drop. We are silent. Naught but the sound of my sipping.

10:30 pm
There is no photo because I was asleep. Asleep asleep. Until midnight when Dom wakes for his very first of many feedings. Four months is fun.

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