Dominic, aged 19 weeks: He's no longer stationary. If we lay him down in one spot and check on him a minute later he could have rotated or somehow wriggled his way off the rug, etc. He is getting stronger with his tummy time and dare I say, might actually enjoy it for five minutes. I think we've gotten to the we have lost all the hair we are going to lose stage. Let's start growing it, shall we?

David, aged 2 years: This is his signature "I'm tired" move. He even does it when you are holding him, legs wrapped around you, worming his arms under his chest and his hands by his belly. It's always been some kind of comfort thing I guess? He won't sleep this way anymore, not since he was a baby, but he still does the move. Also! I am letting his hair grow out again and I am just starting to see the first signs of a curl and it makes me have all the heart eyes. His hair here was perfect!

Letteria, aged 4 years: I am sixteen going on seventeen.... that's what I think in my head whenever I look at her and catch a face like this. But we have a very little girl problem, one of nail biting. She has an ingrown nail on her hand and her foot, because don't we all trim our toenails that way? They are looking quite bad and painful and we need nip this in the bud. Or the nail.

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