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Dominic, aged 18 weeks: He rolled himself onto his right side for optimum ball chewage the other day. We are thinking this, plus a hundred other signs points to he shouldn't be going to bed still swaddled. Wish us luck, may the odds be ever in our favor.

David, aged 2 years: Molars, molars everywhere, and not a drop to drink. He will lay himself down on the floor instead of saying hello to family, he won't remove his hands from his mouth, he is even fussier with his food, and he is chewing on toys. Hopefully the poor boy will get a break in the form of a new tooth or two. But he sure does love his new Thomas jams from Liam.

Letteria, aged 4 years: Also in new pjs from our Fitzs and like David, all ready for bed, she plays in her room with her castle all by herself. With a flashlight. And a My Little Pony. Didn't you know Cinderella had ponies? Well, now you do. Every now and again I ask myself, self? how far are you going to let this thing go with Letteria's hair? It cannot go on forever you know... To which my self replies: I just don't know.

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  1. Sophie is rolling over too! And she has her hands in her mouth ALL the time. ANd ALL the dribble is happening. Dude - how grown up does Letty look in that photo! I think its her hair up - wow. Time is flying Mama.

  2. they are growing too much and i cannot deal. it's been too long. sigh. happy monday!


  3. Dom playing like a big boy! And poor David. Sydney feels your pain! Why does it take soooo long for those darn teeth to cut through?! And as hard as it may be to cut Lettys hair...it's possible the shorter 'do will result in bouncy curls :)

  4. Until she can't sit down without sitting on her hair...you're just fine!!

  5. How fast they grow. Poor David and his molars. Tooth troubles are the worst. Letty's hair is amazing. I am a tad jealous actually. Why is my hair that long? All princesses have ponies, of course. What's the use of a castle without stables? ;-)

  6. maddalena's laaaaast molar just broke through and omggg its been a long few years where teeth are concerned!! so at least you know it's the beginning of the end for david!!! just in time to start again, of course! ;)

  7. That picture of Dom! So cute. Odette is already over the swaddling. Hates it, probably because she can roll from tummy to back, and needs that extra arm strength to do so. LOL!


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