A photo of each of my brood, once a week, every week, of 2015.

Dominic, aged 16 weeks: The quality is not the best, but when you catch a smile dream on camera photo quality be damned! And yes he is most certainly outgrowing his swing.

David, aged 2 years: I'm personally looking forward to warmer weather so the tv won't be on so much. I'm also looking forward to seeing if David's curls come back once his hair grows out again. Oh and sun bleached hair. 

Letteria, aged 4 years: Such a little lady as of late! In appearances of course. This photo was taken before our Olsen Family Easter and it makes me think of Alice In Wonderland...

Past weekly shots here.



  1. bittersweet when they start outgrowing things...toes creep to the edge, etc. And, totally Alice in Wonderland!

  2. you know i'm a sucker for a girl who is reminiscent of alice. which she very much is. and dom's little face. swoon. and yes to bringing back some david curls. also swoon worthy :)


  3. And the Littlest Olsen has mastered his dad's smirk. This is gold.

  4. beautiful babies!!! and OOOH the baby sleep smile issss theee sweetest!! i love it.

  5. Nothing better than baby sleep smiles, except maybe the baby sleep laughs which I adore!

  6. Beautiful pictures! This is such a cool blog post thing! Dom looks so peaceful :)

  7. Adorable little bunch, as always. ;)


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