things to look forward to

With spring just around the corner (and I mean literal warmth and sunshine not a silly date on a calendar that meant snow for pa) there is much to be excited for. Besides flip flops and walks and sun. Oh yes that sun. Beyond all that there is...

- The start of Letty's fourth round of swim lessons and finally we are getting somewhere. Moving on up. Moving on out. All the way to the second level of pre-school classes.

- Races! On the books for this spring is the Race Against Racism and the Manheim Rock n' Glow 5k. I greatly enjoy my 5ks. 

- Yard sale season baby! How I love a good bargain. And toys I don't need.... And any excuse for a walk.

- The opening of dw the first weekend in may. It's the kick off of summer in this house. And that amusement park is our favorite destination. I'm a bit apprehensive about how I'll handle it with a nursing baby and two big kids BUT. I shall figure it out. I'll probably rely on the Fitzs.

- Letty's last day of preschool being may 8th. So stinking early right? I enjoy not having to be someplace at a certain time and I look forward to getting my mornings back. Not to mention having that extra money each month.

- Deck nights! I missed out on these last summer because well, incubating a baby made me tired. 

- Fresh mulch and crisp garden edges. Getting all my annuals and filling up the window boxes and adding some color to the world!

- Power washed siding and sparkling windows. You know, spring cleaning in its entirety.

- Fresh fruit from the local farmer's market. I'm all about that place on a Tuesday morning, but just not when it's cold. Cold ruins everything. As soon as it warms up I'll be packing up this brood every week to stock up on my raspberries. And my strawberries.

So bring it Mother Nature. No really. Please do. 



  1. i am hopeful for spring for you!! and farmers markets and flowers and all that good stuff :)

  2. I miss deck nights, too. Sniff :(

  3. I only in the last week realized I am getting super stir crazy. Roots. Lancaster market. The park. The pool. Walks. BRING IT ON :)

  4. Seriously think that we must have been besties in a previous life or possibly related. LOL! :) Those are all of the things that I'm looking forward to as well. I will be hoping that it finds you as quickly as it finds me in the South! :)

  5. Cold does ruin everything. I am so happy for Spring. I hope it hurries up and get to you soon too. This is a great list. Still a bit jealous of the whole DW thing. I need something like that here. haha

  6. I read this on my reader and even though I'm late to the party I needed you to know that every single thing about it made me smile. Deck nights. I can just imagine it. Fireflies, wine, friends, Chef Matteo's cookin'...

  7. This made me want a hamburger...did you mention hamburgers? I mean, maybe subliminally? And a cold salad. K, dinner - found it!! Good job with the inspiration.


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