the tale of the little crib

There once was a little crib. A little crib that was built to convert to any manner of sleeping arrangements. But this particular little crib was the nocturnal refuge of one very special little boy in his very special little room in his very special house. 

But this little boy did not remain little for long. And the little crib did not remain bare. 

Slowly things began to join him and the little crib. His pillow. His blanket. His company of stuffed animals that just multiplied and multiplied. 

Until one day the little crib was just tooo little. The not so little boy needed something more. And so the little crib (along with mommy and daddy) decided it was time. 

One night the not so little boy went to bed in his little crib, not fully understanding that tomorrow evening he would go to bed in a different space. 

First a mattress and box spring arrived, followed shortly by a bed frame. The mail takes time you see. There was a great deal of hammering and drilling and maneuvering until the little crib was no more. In it's place stood the big bed. At first the big bed didn't have it's blanket. The mail takes a long time you see. But when the not so little boy saw his big bed, even without the blanket, his eyes went round and his smile grew large and up he climbed! He went to the far corner of the bed and laid his head on his very favorite pillow and slid his hand into his very favorite pillowcase in his signature move and he closed his eyes and smiled. 

That first night the not so little boy was up very late. He had not napped that day and he had played very hard with his not so little friends. Bed time was far past. He brushed his teeth and climbed into the big bed with his big sister and his big mommy and daddy and they read a story. They read Ferdinand. The big sister kissed her brother good night and daddy carried her to her very own big bed. Mommy tucked the not so little boy in. Kissed his head. Whispered I love you D. Good night! Oh and don't get out of bed okay? To which he replied: go out dere now! And she left. Shutting the door completely. Latched and all. With a child proof lock inside so the not so little boy couldn't escape. 

But that not so little boy didn't attempt escape. No. He stayed in that very corner with his hand inside his pillowcase and he slept there the whole night through. And he did the same for the next night. And the next night. And the next.

After a few days the not so little boy's chosen bedding arrived and the big bed officially became his. His "Thomas Bed."

The little crib served a purpose of all purposes. To help this little boy grow and to be his safety and his nighttime home. His first bed. But with that purpose achieved it was time to move on and grow up, just like the not so little boy. The big bed will be his until he chooses an even bigger bed. And when that happens this big mommy will probably cry a zillion tears. 



  1. that was beautiful! Leaving the crib can be scary, but he looks absolutely in love with his big boy bed. :)

  2. adorable. and pic #4. just want to kiss his little face :)

  3. awww yaaaay!!! go david in the big boy bed!!! we are still working on success with the big girl bed, as my little lady is currently curled against my back in the BIG bed. :) ahhh and i bet he loved the thomas bedding!!!

  4. I am not a crier. The onion ninjas are in full force.
    And so they must grow and thrive...
    I love your storytelling way with words. Ever thought about children's books???

  5. Such a beautiful story! You have such a way with words. Of course, I am a crier. Every. Damn. Time. I have two looks exactly. Teary eye or side eye. Congrats to D for growing up like a champ!

  6. Loved this, you have such a way with words!

  7. Aww! The transition to a big bed is just that BIG! The boys loved making the leap from toddler bed to big boy bed. Avalon is in the toddler bed stage, but she finds it fun. The big bed is next...but mommy isn't ready to accept that yet.

  8. hm a childproof lock, that sounds like a good idea.
    big beds big. not sure about that step yet.

  9. He's the CUTEST! Little David...big David. THE CUTEST. And my goodness in the one picture his hair is soooo blonde. I would be crying a zillion tears, too.


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