the bottle problem

We have a problem. And I would LOVE love LOVE to find a solution. I am a fixer. Olivia Pope is my idol. And I sort of am most definitely kind of stubborn. 

The problem is a three month old who will not take a bottle. He has taken a bottle in the past, which makes this ever more frustrating. From birth till about 8 weeks on occasion he would drink from a bottle. He would practically waterboard himself. And then all of a sudden.... No. He wouldn't. My sister was able to get him to take a bottle once when it counted and for that I am eternally grateful. But since then? Nope. If we are lucky he will chew on it and maybe drink a half an ounce but then he will move on. That's if we are lucky. Cover your ears if we are not.

We have read articles all over the internets. Here, here, here, and here. And more. 

We have tried this bottle. And that bottle. And this one too. We have tried a sippy cup. 

We have fed in the same position as if he would be eating on his preferred side of mom. We have tried a totally different position. We have tried feeding in a carrier and reaching around from behind so the feeder is a mystery.

I have tried. My sister has tried. Matt and my mother have tried. I have been in the room. I have been within sight. I have been in a totally different area of the house. I have left the house. 

I let Letty try to feed him. 

We have tried every single morning. We have tried every single feeding. 

And yet we are failures. Kelsey suggested we try a nipple shield and while I was digging my heals in refusing to buy anything to get him to take a bottle I think I'll have to try that. She is a veteran mom and I don't know why I fight it. She is probably right. Any other suggestions?