shaving cream bath paint

Oh the weather we have been having up here in Central PA! While not as bad as the rest of the Northeast it has been just enough to annoy and to chill. We have had more school cancellations than I really like to think about (can we get a refund for the month of January please?). All the blinds and curtains have stayed drawn to keep out the too many degree below zero wind chill. The fireplace has been running the majority of the days... We barely step outside unless we absolutely have to. The mail? That can wait till I have to drive somewhere. 

I could rant about the negatives of winter and say, the positives of Florida for hours upon hours (the Spanish style architecture! The proximity to Disney!) but I fear they may fall on deaf eyes. Deaf, bored eyes. 

We had a snow day a few Saturdays past and the older two were being particularly prickly and I was tired of parroting the same adages... leave your sister alone, just ignore him, no jumping on the couch, please share, you are both in time out, can you please for the love of all things I hold dear stop screaming, and the list continues. Sometimes the only thing to be done at such times as these is to throw the kids into the tub. They are warm, contained, and generally enjoying themselves. I can read a book. Look at my phone... stare a wall. I had already done the glow stick tubby thing and well it was light out still so I thought: tub paints!

What you need:
Muffin tin
Shaving cream
Food coloring

Put some shaving cream into each thing (I know, I'm just witty and technical), add two drops of food coloring to each and then mix. Done. And. Done.

The bigger kids had a blast. Letty wanted me to send Nonna a picture because I'm pretty sure she thought it was something necessary of documentation. Me not being one for messes and all. They stayed in there long past the water got cold and it was a glorious, glorious afternoon.


And the obligatory Dominic photo.... he was equally thrilled.

The best part was when it was all over and done with clean up was a breeze. I just dropped the muffin tin into the water and poof! goodbye shaving cream. The tub walls came clean with naught but a wet wash cloth.

And Letty asked if we could do it again sometime??????? a million heavy question marks at the end of that. She does that when she is trying to be especially manipulative.



  1. So easy yet such a great way to waste hours stuck indoors! And way better than some of those other "bath friendly" crayons and stuff. That is a pain in the a** to get off the bath, this would be waaaay easier! Is it bad that I have those same conversations that you have with David and Letty with Cruz and Nick? Please share, be nice, don't say that word.....I didn't think that would be the case with my HUSBAND. So is life...

  2. ha this is a great idea! i wouldn't have thought. and anything to keep those babes busy is a good thing in the friggen winter when you can't throw them outside. i mean walk them out ;) and yes to florida alllllllllllways :)

  3. hm i think I threw away the shaving creme we used to make santa beards after we did that. so mom fail right there. if nottttt then we must do that today!

  4. This is such a cool idea! Love how easy the clean up is. Plus, the look on David's face is priceless!

  5. This is pretty genius! We have those bath tub markers, but the kids go through them like toilet paper. This seems much easier...and budget friendly!

  6. ahh i should've done this today during my desperate snow day toddler bath at 2 in the afternoon!! we have had quite a bizarre winter's ending 'round our parts and I think i'm going insane a little! ;) but look at those sweet happy kiddos you have! mom award!!

  7. Oh my word in the second to last picture D looks just like Uncle Dan! But, that's nothing new I suppose. And, I'm all for discussing more of Florida with you! haha


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