moversary | or, we've lived here for a year

How fast a year can go by, am I right? Last March there was a weekend spent cleaning like I have never cleaned before, followed by the most tearful goodbye to our neighbors and best of friends ever, and then lots and lots of heavy lifting. We spent one week in what can only be described as a frenzy of cleaning, painting, unpacking and hanging at which point I looked around and deemed it "home". This picture was posted to Instagram after that first week.
Since moving in we have cleaned (did I mention the dogs?), painted every single room (literally) minus the closets, updated light fixtures in 15 rooms, updated all exterior light fixtures, painted shutters, the side garage door, garage doors and the front door, painted all interior doors (23 to be exact), finished the basement, added molding and wrought iron to our foyer, landscaped, spruced up the kitchen island, replaced three (!!) kitchen appliances, stained the deck, added a pergola to the deck, got rid of a hot tub and added an inflatable pool and probably other things that I just know I am forgetting.

We have bought a van, grown a baby, had a baby. Letty has started school. We traveled to Florida and Disney World as well as Cape Cod and Ocean City, MD. We celebrated a second birthday and a fourth birthday. We had fun decorating this house for all the holidays, it was like shopping in your own home!! And in between all of that we've been keeping ourselves busy (the mind reels, I am aware).

We are so lucky to have been able to move closer to my parents and my sister's family. We are even a few minutes closer to Matt's brother! Hell, we are closer to every single person we know, minus our Fitzs of course (sad). We still forget that it doesn't take thirty minutes to get eveywhere, and the culinary choices in this town compared to Maytown? Might as well be NYC. There is a McDonald's two minutes away. Two! So the move was good! It was great! It was grand!

We have packed an awfully lot into the past year, more than most sane people would. But Matt and I aren't quite sane. We like to be busy and we love to-do lists and crossing things off those lists. Do we have anything left on a list for this house? Well funny you should ask! For we do!

- Build gates for the deck
- Replace the kitchen floor
- Add a backsplash to the kitchen
- Add a wrought iron railing to the entryway (I'm on the fence with this one)
- Landscape lighting around the walkway along with a spotlight
- Add decorative molding in the dining room
- Replace shower in the master bathroom
- Replace all faucets in the bathrooms

And a zillion other small diys for Handy Matty to complete along the way. It's just what we do.

For all the before and afters click here.



  1. and i know all that stuff will be done within the second year of living there. bc it's just how you guys roll. amazing. i don't know how you guys do it! but your house is gorg so it's worth it

  2. We have our one year anniversary at our new house next month. We had gas lines/furnace installed (the house was oil)... and since this was a hefty penny.. we also painted our dining room. THAT IS ALL. STOP HOUSE SHAMING ME LOL!!!!!!!!!
    I do have paint/decorate Dan and I's bedroom on the to-do list for this summer! That's progress, right?
    Everything looks amazing!!!! I feel like there isn't a spec of 'hotel california' left there :)

  3. crazy that it's been a year and wowwwww all you guys have packed into that year!!! good thing ya got handy matty there! i can't wait to continue on being impressed by your marital team home accomplishments!!

  4. Sounds like a BUSY but GREAT year!!! I feel you on the house projects. They literally NEVER ever end.

  5. Your house is my favorite. And you know I'll be picking your brain (and Matt's indirectly) about all things house once we get ours. Basement finishing? Yikes.

  6. you guys did so much in a year!! and you should definitely retake those pictures in the same spot and re do that collage as even more of a before&after. #JustAThought

  7. Wow, a year already! Can't wait to see what this next year brings for you guys. I am pretty sure you two are busiest people I know. ;-)


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