mom likes to make us act irish

Oh the time of year when mom decides to dress us up in clothing that not only has nothing to do with our heritage, but also fits us not, is upon us! Nothing stops that woman when she puts her mind to it. You may recognize these shirts from a previous year? Yes she put us into them again. Snaps left unsnapped. Bellies left exposed... all for the cause! Even Dominic had to suffer through being placed in a slightly too large (shocking but true, not for long!) onesie that had something suspiciously resembling chocolate milk but most certainly could not have been chocolate milk stained on it.

Anyways. Here we are. Freshly bathed and squeezed into too small clothes like an odd green colored Italian sausage.


So in order to regain control of the situation we all made sure to not look at the camera simultaneously. Or to sit up right. Or to be evenly spaced. You get the idea. It's all about nonconformity

Well Irish or not, everyone have a happy Saint Patrick's Day weekend!



  1. I am not Irish but somehow St PAtricks day is one of my fav holidays.
    The kids look so cute! David is the one who looks the most squeezed into his lol. poor guy

  2. haha! so sweet that they'll always have these photos to look back at and be like ooooh mom were not irish!!!! little dom kills me. he is just hangin right in there with his bigger sibs!! the cutest thing ever!!!! he's growing so much :) and ok i had no idea it was st. P's this weekend!!

  3. Your kids are darling and their commentary was hilarious! I can't believe it's already St. Patty's day weekend. I don't have an outfit for my daughter just yet. Nothing like last minute.

    Any excuse to get the kiddos in festive clothing, right?

    Have a great weekend!

    Jill @

  4. haha this is too cute! dominic's face - little does he know what's down the road ;)

  5. Ha! I love that you dress them up even though you are so far from Irish!! LOL

  6. Oh your little Irish (Italian, we all really know but will pretend) kiddos are just too sweet. And girl let's just go with that being chocolate milk...mmm kay? =)

  7. haha Dom's expression in all of these pics crack me up!


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