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little life lately photos


As taken by my companion and friend, my iPhone.

|| letty and avery at a matinee of cinderella enjoying her little kid's pack. popcorn, fruit snacks and an icee. || every now and again i renege and let her hold dom and when i do i don't regret it. || my mother the hoarder brought out my brother's robot halloween costume thinking david might enjoy it. as you can see letty had to try it on first. || it is a rare rare afternoon indeed when david naps. but when the car is warm and the sun is shining and you've played hard at grammy's then you just fall asleep, you do. || life cereal early morning breakfast with my inner child || the first diaper change of the day is always my favorite, his too i think. || replanting succulents from my sister's baby shower. || my niece learning to riiiiidde! || i love our tuesday lunches with my mom, and panera might just be my favorite lunch of choice. || david finally decided the robot costume wouldn't bite him. see also: oreos. in and around his mouth. || our college friend and photographer got a new toy and we were gifted these super large prints of what was once our sweet baby girl. now to find frames that are 24x16. || rubber band wrists need to be a staple on every baby. || baby's first kitchen sink tubby. in fact it's the first sink tubby any of my babies have gotten. || the deck furniture is up and the lights have been strung. now we just need the warmth! ||

have a great weekend!



  1. I love all these photos! They put a massive smile on my face : )

  2. great snaps love. baby letty pics are the bestest ever. really show her personality! and baby rolls are maybe the next best thing. i cannot decide :) happy friday!

  3. I was very confused by the ghost/pumpkin outfit at first. I was it a radio...with pacman pumpkins and ghosts?

  4. Give me all the Shreddies! Patio lights and summer nights. I am so ready. Cute your kids always are but you know that. ;-)

  5. You always have the best photos! Your children are amazingly gorgeous, in every sense of the word. I can't wait to go see Cinderella!!

  6. hooow is baby boy bumbo-ing already?!!! growing so fast and he is deliciously adorable!!


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