interior bits of spring as taken on a cold gray day

I think that decorating for Spring and Easter might be my most least favorite of holidays to decorate for. So why do I do it then you may ask? When I come up with an answer other then oh I just have all this stuff I'll be sure to illuminate it for you. So the stuff is here and out it comes and blah blah blah.
In my family we blow out eggs. How we do that and some of our finer eggs can be found here. We save all our eggs year to year and so these lovely pieces of art constitute most of my decor. However they are extremely breakable and: kids. So they are banished to the one room those little people are rarely allowed in, the dining room. Lots of eggs in that basket let me tell you.

Thankfully my mother retains any and all floral arrangement accoutrements and she was able to furnish my pallet box for the season. What does one do without mothers?

It's coming. My house decorations say it's so... so it must be.



  1. yay for easter! i'm usually all amped about candy but not this year. le sigh. so i guess there's not much to look forward to ha. but your decorations rock as usual.

  2. HA! I am loving that you decorate for Easter and you have no idea why. I definitely don't do the easter thing, but I'm sure you could have guessed that. I do change things up for spring though. Candles, potpourri colors, fresh flowers.

  3. Can't tell that your heart isn't into it at all. Looks amazing. Love it all! Come do mine now. :)


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